Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo


We went to the Zoofari at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo in July 2014 and stayed in the glamous glamping style tents on the African Savannah.  I know this is old travel story, but I didn’t have my blog back then, and it really was quite a fantastic family holiday.  It was our first family holiday staying in accommodation other than an apartment, so I was a little apprehensive about the food.

When we were considering booking a night there, I called the bookings staff and discussed whether they had gluten free options.  They assured me that they were an allergy friendly place to stay and that they have had lots of guest previously stay with them with not only gluten/dairy issues but other allergy issues as well.  Based on this, we went ahead and booked it, but packed lots of gluten free food into our car just in case.

The tours were fantastic, as we ventured out at 3 different times in small mini buses, so we got to see a great range of different animals.

Our first meal between our first tour and the late evening tour was dinner.  The staff alerted the chef that we were the gluten free guests.  The chef came out to discuss what foods we could eat and couldn’t eat.  Other than the damper and one salad we were able to eat everything as it was consciously made gluten free to accommodate all guests.  The chef advised that they have a designated gluten free space in the kitchen, and invited us to go see it.  The food was all laid out on the table so it felt like we were at home with other guests from around the world which kept the conversation lively.  We were kindly offered to take food first by guests sitting at our table, which was very nice, so there was absolutely no chance of any cross contamination.  The chef also brought out some hot gluten free damper, which was tasty.

The next morning after a very early tour, we worked up our appetite’s for breakfast.  Breakfast was buffet style for all other guests, however, we were brought our gluten free breakfast to the table.  We had a selection of different cereals, a few types of gluten free breads, yoghurt, cow milk, almond milk and fresh fruit which was more than what we could actually eat.

Much to the disappointment of our kids, this ended our Zoofari experience.  They did want to stay another night, however, it’s not quite in the price range for a 2 night stay.  My kids loved glamping, however, their perceptions of camping is now far from reality.

Zoofari Hippo 3 Tent

We went in July, so it was freezing to sit outside but we did enjoy some hot tea out on the deck overlooking the Savannah.  This is the only foodie photo I took of our experience!

T2 on the Savannah




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