DIY Food Flags

Given 3 of 4 in my family are gluten free, and I’m also dairy and corn free, I decided to make my own food flags.  It’s a little time consuming, but hey that’s okay as I like doing crafty things, but it’s way cheaper than buying flags and if you need more you can just make more rather than spend more.

You will need either A4 paper and a glue stick OR an A4 sticker sheet of paper.  I buy sticker sheets from Officeworks (in Australia) but often just use paper and glue.

You will then need toothpicks and a paper cutter or scissors.  I print them off either in black/white or colour, then cut with a paper cutter, then using 1 front and 1 back (ie the back has ‘created by’ on it I simply peel off the back of the sticker paper and stick them together with the top end of a toothpick in between the sticker sides.

I have created these types, so far:

Gluten Free Flags

Gluten Free Dairy Free Flags

Paleo Flags

So next time you host a party or BYOGFF (Bring Your Own Gluten Free Food) or BYOPF (Bring Your Own Paleo Food) to a party or anywhere for that matter then make sure you take the time to make some of your own food flags to show that the food is gluten free or gluten free dairy free or paleo.  I always get lots of comments on them as well, as they look cute.

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