Oregano & Lemon Salt Rub

I love infusing salt with essential oils.  We often don’t have the dried herb, and the essential oil version is a cost effective way of obtaining the flavour with maximum therapeutic benefits.

It’s incredibly quick and easy, and we love rubbing it over roast chicken or lamb, or when barbecuing a whole chicken or lamb leg/shoulder, but it’s also super tasty sprinkled or used in the marinate for chicken and lamb souvlaki, and perfect sprinkled on feta, baked vegetables, sweet potato fries.  So many different ways you can use this salt rub.

To find out more about Essential Oils click here.

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Oregano & Lemon Salt Rub
Prep time
Total time
  1. Combine all ingredients in a small cup or bowl. Thoroughly mix the essential oil into the salt and pepper mix.
  2. Use.


Enjoy!  Til my next recipe.

xo Tracey

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