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Well it’s almost the end of another year.  It seems the older I get the quicker it goes, or, is it just that our lifestyles are so busy simply because we try to do too much?  In 2014, I made a big decision to venture into the world of blogging.  What a ride it has been so far!  The blog is still not quite ready, but I’m very excited as I’m currently planning what I will be blogging about for 2015.  I thought I was fairly tech savvy…I’ve so far been on a huge learning curve which I’m sure will continue.  Scary but exciting at the same time to do something that I’m passionate about….food.  My husband, Glenn, has also been on this roller coaster ride with me, as many of my friends and family.  My daughter, Bella (Miss 9 year old), is so excited she even wants to write a blog on what it’s like to be gluten free from a child’s perspective.  The blog has been the topic of all our conversations not only in the Francis household but also with some of our friends and family.

2015 will bring with it lots of my own created recipes that I’ve made over the years; some recipes from family and friends that I’ve adapted to be gluten free; some recipes that are simply just favourites in our family from other bloggers around the world and from cookbooks; gluten free products for sale that my mum (whom is currently waiting for an eye operation so she has very poor vision) has tirelessly created samples which we have distributed to friends and family for testing before we sell them; NOGLUTENS logo products for sale which not only is a promotional item for this blog but acts as a good banner if you are gluten free going somewhere – it’s good to advertise that we are gluten free in a fun and funky way; free printables that I have created (gotta love freebies!); essential oils; hair, body and beauty products; a list of places around Sydney and online that I buy products for my recipes; a list of places that I eat around Sydney; and much more.  All of course related to living a gluten free lifestyle.

I’m intending on posting once a week as I don’t want to fill your inbox with posts so that you get sick of them and delete them.  Rather, I want you to read, save or pin the recipes.  I will however be clicking and posting away on instagram and facebook on a more regular basis.

As a sign off I want to thank my family and friends that have encouraged me to start this blog (it’s been quite a few years of discussions), and that have helped brainstorm ideas and test products.  You know who you are, and I thank each one of you from the bottom of my heart.  Lastly, thank you for reading this post and navigating around my blog, and for signing up.  I wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2015.

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