October 2016 Specials

OCTOBER is EXTRA SPECIAL!!!!  – Australia only

Open a wholesale account with a 100 points order BEFORE 31 October 2016 and you will receive a 50 points to spend on FREE products.

Open a wholesale account today and receive this great offer!

Save 10% in October – Australia only

Motivate:  5ml Bottle of Peppermint, Clementine, Coriander, Basil, Yuzu, Melissa, Rosemary and Vanilla Bean essential oils.  This bottle is from our emotional aromatherapy range.  Known as the encouraging blend and the oil of motivation.  Enotionally, it promotes feelings of confidence, courage and belief and counteracts negative emotions of doubt, pessimism and cynicism.

By purchasing products that are on sale each month it’s a great way to add to your oily collection.  Offer available on or before 31 October 2016.


Product of the Month** – Australia only

Lemon:  the oil of Focus.  Lemon essential oil has lots of therapeutic benefits with it’s antidepressant, antiseptic, antifungal, antioxidant, antiviral, astringent, invigorating and refreshing properties.  It’s great to cleanse and purify the air and surfaces.  It naturally cleanses the body and aids digestion.  It can support healthy respiratory function.  On an emotional level it promotes a positive mood.

What you have to do?  Make a loyalty rewards program (LRP) order of 125 points or more on or before 15 October 2016 to receive free a 15ml bottle of lemon essential oil.  This is the BEST way to add to your essential oil collection!  The retail value of this 15ml bottle is AU$18.00.



Do you live overseas?  

You can still take advantage of these fantastic savings.  Please contact me via email at tracey@noglutens.com.au and I will assist you.

Want to buy oils and products at wholesale prices OR to start your own oily business for limited set up costs?

Don’t be confused by all this talk of points.  Once you enrol with a wholesale account you will soon learn what it all means.

Head over to www.mydoterra.com/noglutens/ then click on JOIN & SAVE in the top menu (then select your Language and Country of Residence then start shopping).  My wellness advocate ID should show in the form, if not, it is 1034283.  Everyone who opens a wholesale account with a minimum of 100 points receives a FREE product just from me.

Just want to buy retail?  Then click on SHOP in the top menu (then select your Language and Country of Residence then start shopping).

Or, if you have any questions or would like my assistance, please email me at tracey@noglutens.com.au.

Note ** The Product of the Month is available as a free gift for those with a wholesale account OR preferred customers that participate in the loyalty rewards program (LRP) and make an order of 125 points per month.  If you would like to participate in the LRP and receive these monthly free products, please contact me at tracey@noglutens.com.au.

October Workshops…

Click on the link on the home page (or here) to see the dates and times of my workshops in Mudgee and Sydney for October 2016.  Book your spot today.

Want to try before you buy?

Not sure what doTERRA essential oils are all about?  Do you live in Sydney?  Would you like a 3 day trial for FREE?  If so, email me today at tracey@noglutens.com.au to book in your free 3 day trial.  I will deliver the essential oils to you, go through how you use them, then in 3 days time I come back to you to collect the oils and talk about those oils that you cannot live without, and how you can get them into your life.

FREE 3 Day Trial

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