Essential Oils

Do you love the smell of flowers, cut grass, trees, fruit?  If so, then you will rejoice in essential oils as they are naturally occurring in seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants.  There are many essential oils and many therapeutic uses for them.  They are used to support your body on so many levels for so many ailments such as colds, flus, viruses, aches, pains, fatigue, hormones, stress, sleep, moods, emotions.

Why do I use and love dōTERRA?

dōTERRA is a Latin derivative meaning “Gift of the Earth”

I have used many different brands of essential oils since I was a teenager, but from the moment I used dōTERRA essential oils I knew I had found the right oils for me:

indigenously sourced 100% pure essential oil with no fillers

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I use them as part of my everyday life from the moment I wake.  I love to aromatically dress myself each day taking time out to nourish my body.  I also take some essential oils internally to support my general health and wellness.  I use alot of OnGuard, DigestZen, Frankincense, Peppermint and all of the citrus oils to support my body and my coeliac related issues.  We have a diffuser in every room of our home, including the laundry!  We love to diffuse throughout the day not for specific ailment reasons but also as air fresheners or when outdoors for mosquitoes.  They have become a part of our daily routine.  I make all of our perfumes (aka pure-fumes), shaving creams, sunscreens, body scrubs, bubble baths, cleaning products, hand sanitisers and much more.

I love that a little of dōTERRA essential oil goes a LONG way.  There are approximately 250 drops in a 15ml bottle and approximately 85 drops in a 5ml bottle.  Some oils can be used as is, so 250 drops = 250 usages, whilst some are required to be diluted, so 1 drop in 114ml into a base (e.g.; fractionated coconut oil or another carrier oil or in distilled water or witch hazel)…I think you get the idea how far these little bottles can stretch and affordable.

I also love the philosophy behind the company – they help communities around the world, most of them third world countries, not only from ethically sourcing products from around the world, but also from their Healing Hands Foundation.

Above all, I love a bargain and a free product or two or three!  I love that you can join by opening a wholesale with the sole intention of buying products at 25% off retail which saves you lots of money and there is no required on-selling or buying required.

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