Parsley Pesto

I find it incredibly fustrating that alot of the dairy free products on the market also contain corn products, or they have a ‘may contain dairy’ statement on them, so I still can’t tolerate them.

I can however get my hands on 2 different types of coconut based cheese which is not only gluten free and dairy free but also corn free with no may contain statements.

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Essential Oils & Pets

At the Global Convention in 2018, dōTERRA announced it was launching a Veterinary Advisory Board, so I am sure we will soon learn a lot more about how to safely use essential oils around our furbabies.

Dr Mia Frezzo, a Bergen New Jersey VET (co-author of SpOil Your Pet) said in 2018 at the dōTERRA Global Convention that the “quality and purity of dōTERRA are best and are everything.  Without those standards, dōTERRA couldn’t be safest possible for your pets.”

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Strength Diffuser Blend by Nat

I am truly blessed to have meet so many wonderful people on my journey creating our Essential Olie Tree.

Nat is one these people.

She is a gorgeous woman that shared with me her favourite diffuser blend.  I’ve been busting to share it with you all, as I know some of you will resonate with it.

I’ve called this blend “Strength”.  I feel that intuitively Nat picked these 3 essential oils for their emotional support benefits.

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