Parsley Pesto

I find it incredibly fustrating that alot of the dairy free products on the market also contain corn products, or they have a ‘may contain dairy’ statement on them, so I still can’t tolerate them.

I can however get my hands on 2 different types of coconut based cheese which is not only gluten free and dairy free but also corn free with no may contain statements.

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Essential Oils & Pets

At the Global Convention in 2018, dōTERRA announced it was launching a Veterinary Advisory Board, so I am sure we will soon learn a lot more about how to safely use essential oils around our furbabies.

Dr Mia Frezzo, a Bergen New Jersey VET (co-author of SpOil Your Pet) said in 2018 at the dōTERRA Global Convention that the “quality and purity of dōTERRA are best and are everything.  Without those standards, dōTERRA couldn’t be safest possible for your pets.”

Here are some tips and some guidelines for using Essential Oils with your Pets:

  • Tea Tree essential oil.  Use something else.  There are other essential oils that carry the same benefits without the risks.  The issues with tea tree oils a) it’s important where it comes from, b) small animals metabolise tea tree differently, c) it takes longer to excrete it from their system.
  • Alternatives to Tea Tree essential oil:  a) Geranium b) Arborvitae
  • Diffusing essential oils.  Use common sense.  For example, don’t diffuse 20 drops of essential oil in your diffuser.
  • Topical application of essential oils.  According to Dr Janet Roark, an Austin Texas VET (aka Essential Oil Vet) we need to be conservative when applying essential oils topically on our pets, similar to a small child 1-3% ratio is good, eg; 2-6 drops in 10ml of carrier.  Remember, less is always best.  It will depend on the type of pet and the size of your pet.  Cats and Tiny Dogs for example, you always need to use a higher dilution.  Also, allow your pet to smell the essential oil first before applying. 
  • Using DIY cleaning products around the home.  Animals don’t do well with chemicals as they might be walking in our freshly cleaned home so chemical-based products will get into their paws then they lick their paws.  It’s much safer to use essential oils to clean your home.  Opt for OnGuard essential oil rather than Tea Tree essential oil.
  • Using DIY personal products on your pets.  If you are cleaning them with a chemical-based product then remember they clean and lick themselves so they are ingesting the chemicals.  Consider using essential oils that are safe to ingest and will improve the general health and wellbeing of your pets.
  • Cuts and abrasions.  Use diluted Lavender and Frankincense to soothe and support your pets especially when they want to chew or lick the area, which makes it worse.  You can also consider using Myrrh or Geranium, and if they are bleeding Helichyrsum.  If the cut is moist then you might like to dilute the essential oils in a spray bottle with Aloe Vera Juice rather than using Fractionated Coconut Oil.
  • Fleas and ticks.  Consider using one or a combination of Arborvitae, Geranium, Lemongrass, Cedarwood, Rosemary and/or TerraArmour (aka TerraShield), as all of these essential oils are completely safe and effective, and like with using essential oils on us, you may need to reapply periodically.  You can either create a spray to apply it easy to your pet then rub it in with your hands on their legs and abdomen, or use a rollerball bottle and roll it into your hand then apply it on your pet.
  • Anxiety and pets.  Consider diffusing Lavender or Lavender Peace (aka Serenity).  Dogs may also like Balance.  If your pet is having a really stressful day then consider applying some diluted Frankincense to the pads of their feet, tips of their ears, under their abdomen, and go against the grain of their fur/hair when petting.
  • Snoring.  Consider diffusing Easy Air (aka Breathe) especially of a night.
  • Seasonal threats.  Consider diluting Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint (if you have a cat use Lavender, Lemongrass or Frankincense and Peppermint, as you need to avoid Citrus essential oils with cats) in Fractionated Coconut Oil FCO and apply under and in between toes, on top of paws, tips of ears (a small amount and only if they don’t have long ears that can swing into their eyes but if you do get it in their eyes flush it out with milk), along back with hair and against grain and around belly.  You can also diffuse these essential oils. 
  • Digestive Health.  Consider using diluted DigestZen topically.
  • Sore muscles.  Consider using diluted AromaTouch, Copaiba or DigestZen topically.

Source and additional information:

The Essential Oil Vet

SpOIL You Pets

SpOIL Your Pets book is available online BUT I recommend their app for $7.99 downloadable from the iTunes App Store.

If you would like to explore further with essential oils, please contact us or request a sample. Or, if your ready to jump in and make a change to essential oils today, then click here.

Strength Diffuser Blend by Nat

I am truly blessed to have meet so many wonderful people on my journey creating our Essential Olie Tree.

Nat is one these people.

She is a gorgeous woman that shared with me her favourite diffuser blend.  I’ve been busting to share it with you all, as I know some of you will resonate with it.

I’ve called this blend “Strength”.  I feel that intuitively Nat picked these 3 essential oils for their emotional support benefits.

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Citrus Crinkle Cookies

I’ve been making this extra citrus version for a while now, but really love to make my recipes quite a few times before I officially share and release them.

You will see from the different flavours of crinkle cookies that I love making them.  Mainly because they taste amazing and because they are gluten, dairy and corn free.  They are also quick and easy to make up if your having last minute guests, or people pop in.  I call them my slap happy macarons.

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Toilet Fizzies

I love cleaning my house with essential oils, as we are not inhaling nasty chemicals and are caring for the environment by not flushing chemicals into our precious waterways.

It always grosses me out when I think of the chemicals that are flushed into our waterways.

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Fruit Loaf

I have been making this fruit loaf for many years.  I created it as an alternative to gluten free bread to have for breakfast, lunch or just as a sweet snack/treat.

It’s easy to adapt to make it taste slightly different each time as it depends on what dried fruit I have in my pantry or what I can get at the supermarkets.  I mainly use cranberries, but sometimes when I see a dried mixed berry blend called ‘anti-oxidant blend’ I put that in it.  I usually don’t make a special trip to the supermarket, so if I’ve only got currants or sultanas I use them in place of the cranberries.

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